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Japanese Government released the National Security Strategy

On 17 December 2013, Japanese government published the new National Security Strategy. The strategy is the first Japanese national security. The strategy elaborates on the policy of "Proactive Contribution to Pease" based on the principle of international cooperation. And it presents guidelines for policies in areas related to national security including cyber space.

According to description about cyberspace, the strategy says protecting cyberspace from risks is vital to secure national security. The risks mentioned in the strategy include cyber-attacks with intent to stealing classified information, disrupt critical infrastructure, and obstruct military systems. The strategy also mentions about the strategic approaches for cyber security. It includes promoting cross-cutting measures to defend cyberspace, public-private partnership, inter-agency cooperation and define the those roles, and international cooperation.

Those descriptions suggest that Japanese government highly focused on protecting cyberspace and will work on defining roles of related agencies. In fact, the new cyber security strategy released on May 2013 says the government will reorganize National Information Security Center to National Cyber Security Center in FY2015 to strength their ability and authority.



2013年 12月17日、日本政府は「国家安全保障戦略を」発表した。国家安全保障会議及び閣議において決定された、国家安全保障戦略は先日の国家安全保障会議の設置に続く、安倍内閣の安全保障政策の重要な柱である。この戦略では、国家安全保障の基本理念として、国際協調主義に基づく積極的平和主義を掲げており、我が国が直面する国家安全保障上の課題を特定し、こうした課題への対応を的確に行うための戦略的アプローチとして、総合的な施策を明記している。



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